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  • Bryan County United Way
    P.O. Box 192
    Durant, Oklahoma 74702
  • Phone 580-931-7147
    Fax 580-920-2580
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Why invest in Bryan County United Way?

United Way knows that people like you really want to make a difference in our community. You want to help others, and we, Bryan County United Way,  want to be your partner.

Experience tells us that the best way to help the most people is to focus on the most serious problems and issues. It takes the whole community - working together - to pull it off.

We bring together people from across the community - people in government, business, faith groups, nonprofits and ordinary citizens - to tackle the issues that matter most. Whether it requires developing resources or just getting people to work together, that's what we do.

United Way  is focused on the bottom-line results: the lives we change and our community we help to shape. We know that's what matters to you.

Join us today by  making the difference in the lives of the less fortunate and improving the quality of life in Bryan County, donate to United Way. An investment in today and our future.